Sample Information Forms

A Sample Information Form is included in every all-inclusive analysis kit for oil analysis, lubricant analysis, grease analysis, coolant analysis and fuel analysis.

It contains:

  • A detachable, self-adhesive barcode sample number you can use to label the sample bottle. Even if you are entering the details of your sample via our customer portal LAB.REPORT, you must stick this barcode to the sample bottle. This is the only way the details you enter can be unmistakably assigned to the relevant sample.
  • An easily detachable sample reference which you keep for your records. This includes the laboratory number, already printed on the reference slip in case of queries, with the sample designation, delivery date and UPS tracking information (where applicable) to be added.
  • Questions about your oil sample, which will allow the experienced tribologist to make a detailed assessment of the values produced by the analysis.
  • All important information for handling samples can be found on the reverse.

Specific Sample Information Forms

Note: Please enter comments in the "Additional information" field. Please do not send us samples with Sample Information Forms you have created yourself. These will only delay the processing of your sample.

Fast online entry

If you cannot use the provided Sample Information Form, enter the sample information via our free customer portal LAB.REPORT. Here, you find an unused laboratory number for your all-inclusive analysis kits. Always mark the sample bottle with the laboratory number that you used to enter the sample data.

If you already are an OELCHECK customer, you can request your login data for our customer portal at any time. Your address and the machine and component data are saved here. For new samples you just have to complete the sample-related data.In the customer portal you can retrieve all your laboratory reports with images, data and additional tools for sample management.

With the OELCHECK-App you can enter your sample data via smartphone or tablet by means of QR-Code directly at your machine.