Analytical ferrography

OELCHECK test instrument: Spectro ferrograph T2F with I.T.S. microscope
Sample volume: 1 ml
Unit: none
Values determined: Evaluation using colour images
Individual report, information on causes of wear
Investigation for: Gear oils and lubricants in the case of specific problems
Brief description:

The sample, diluted with solvent, is placed across a tilted slide. Beneath this glass strip is a magnet placed level. At the uppermost point of the slide, the magnetic field strength is at its weakest. At the bottom end, the glass strip is almost lying on the magnet, meaning that the field strength is at its strongest here.

If the mixture of oil and solvent is guided over the slide, the large, easily magnetisable iron particles form deposits at the top. The smaller particles require stronger magnetisation and accordingly form deposits further down. The arrangement follows the pattern of the magnetic field lines.

Conclusion: Conclusions may be drawn regarding scuffing, dust abrasion, corrosion, pitting caused by fatigue, grey stains, etc. based on the assignment of large and small iron particles determined under a microscope and the shape of the individual particles.