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New equipment deployed

We have equipped our laboratory with two new FT-IR spectrometers, each with an autosampler. Each of these instruments can examine 480 samples in sequence. That allows 960 samples to be analysed in one night by these two devices alone.

OELCHECK is already well equipped for further growth in the number of samples. With this new equipment set-up, we are again a pioneer because it has not yet been deployed in any other lab for lubricants and operating fluids. During the development process, we worked closely with the suppliers Axel Semrau GmbH & Co. KG for the autosamplers and Thermo Fisher Scientific GmbH for the FT-IR spectrometers. As a result, the instrument system is precisely tailored to our needs and makes the work easier for our staff.

We have additionally equipped our laboratory with another ICP-OES spectrometer. That means we now have five instruments available for the vital element analysis.