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Working together – winning together

We have recently gained a major new customer in China: the breweries of Anheuser-Busch InBev. AB InBev is the largest brewery group in the world in terms of beer sales, and is also market leader in China where it has more than 40 breweries.

In China and many other countries, the company is best known for the US beer brand Budweiser. This is not its only big-name beer, however, with major German brands like Beck‘s also part of the group‘s product range.

The company anticipates that oil analyses from OELCHECK will help to optimize oil change intervals for its production and bottling machines. The majority of the chiller, gear, and hydraulic oils used by the company are presently changed once per year.

Adapting to condition-dependent oil changes based on oil analyses offers enormous potential savings in this respect. The analyses should also permit better, more proactive early detection of damage, thereby helping to avoid unplanned downtime. Due to the full utilization of the Chinese breweries, every minute of unplanned downtime results in enormous costs and production losses.

AB InBev is entrusting the oil analyses for its refrigeration and CO2 compressors, hydraulic presses, bottling plants, and mixer drives to our laboratory in Brannenburg. As is the case for all companies in China, samples will be handled by OELCHECK‘s exclusive agent LUBECHECK CHINA, where Julie Qiu and her team not only sell our all-inclusive analysis kits, but also provide on-site support for questions relating to sampling and kit selection. They even translate the Chinese questions on the information forms and the diagnoses in the lab reports, and provide perfect allround service that many customers in China have already come to val