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With the entry of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) into EU law this year, data protection is the subject of widespread discussion. As it holds my machine and sample data together with my customer data, OELCHECK is entrusted with a large amount of my important information. How safe are my data with OELCHECK?

OELCHECK answers:


We use and process your data in accordance with established EU law, whilst also meeting the new requirements placed upon us by the GDPR. We have put a great number of measures in place in order to guarantee that your data are safe with us. Our company Data Protection Officer documents and schedules all of these measures in our central data protection management system. We also carry out continuous internal audits in order to ensure compliance with our specified standards.

In order to enable you to conveniently register machine and sample data and access the results of analyses, we have placed our LAB.REPORT Internet portal at your service. This is accessed securely by password, ensuring that each user is only able to view and modify their own data after logging in. In addition to password-protected access, our customer portal – just like our online shop – uses HTTPS-encrypted connections. We generally only gather data that we require to process orders and provide our services. No data is accessed by third parties at any time. The secured WLAN that we provide for our guests is separate from our internal network, and can only be accessed using a temporary access code. In addition, relevant rooms, such as those containing the servers, are only accessible to authorised personnel. Furthermore, in the event that we print a document for internal purposes that includes a customer address (e.g. a Sample Information Form), these printed documents are kept in a locked shuttle container in accordance with DIN 66399, and are professionally disposed of by a data disposal firm on a regular basis.

We use encryption software which helps to minimise the likelihood of unwanted changes to files containing personal data. An activity log allows us to keep track of any entry, alteration, or deletion of personal data within our CRM system. Any analyses are carried out strictly according to necessity. Transmissions of analysis results are also analysed and evaluated where necessary in accordance with communication protocols.

Our employees are regularly made aware of the importance of data protection (e.g. using informative emails). This is because we can only guarantee protection for your data by ensuring that each individual plays their part. We have also put various measures in place to ensure that our system remains operational in the long term. To this end we monitor important IT systems and system statuses for availability and utilisation of capacity. Through continuous maintenance, we ensure that our technical systems are kept up to date in order to guarantee operational security. We carry out important updates regularly and in a timely manner. We secure our systems continuously according to a multi-generational principle. Our operational data and backup data are separated by firewalls so that not all data are lost in the event of an emergency.

Finally, it should be said that the information we receive from you is not only sensitive data that should not fall into the wrong hands, but also a vital component of the work that we do. It would not be possible for us to produce trend analyses without being able to save analysed values and the diagnoses derived from them in a long-term and reliable fashion. We value and protect your data just as we do our own, because your data are important to us.

Important information
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