OELCHECK Express Analysis

What is an OELCHECK Express Analysis?

24-hour service

All samples in the prepaid analysis kit no. 1 to 5 and with a completely filled out Sample Information Form, which are received by us in the laboratory by 12 o'clock, will be analyzed within 24 hours.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the 24-hour service for all other kits and single tests. Please refer to the price list for single tests for more information on the estimated processing time.

Express service for extremely urgent samples

If you want an express analysis because you would like to receive the report by e-mail or internet on the same day we receive the sample, there is an additional charge of 25.00 €. Request the express service on the shipping envelope and the Sample Information Form.

The prerequisite for the express service is that...

  • the sample arrives before 12.00 noon
  • the check mark "Express analysis" is set on the Sample Information Form
  • the sample receipt is dated and signed by you