Is it possible to simplify the documentation of OELCHECK lab-reports?

OELCHECK lubricant analyses are a major part of our Condition Monitoring. The number of machines we use and the oil samples we analyse are constantly on the rise. Our foreign subsidiaries are now using the service too. However, not all employees speak German or English. The documentation of your laboratory reports and the implementation of your comments is thus becoming increasingly complicated. Do you have a tip for us on how we can remedy this?


Table of contents

  1. OELCHECK answers:
  2. Communicate worldwide
  3. Document data in the best way possible
  4. Save valuable time
  5. Individual and completely secure access
  6. Individueller und absolut sicherer Zugriff

Communicate worldwide

There are 15 foreign languages into which your laboratory report can be translated. You can simply forward your reports from the system by e-mail. Your additional comments will then be saved, together with the report. Our brand new evaluating service means you enter the values that have been provided by a different laboratory directly into our database. Shortly afterwards you receive a thorough and informative OELCHECK laboratory report, which remains accessible in the database.

Document data in the best way possible

Via the internet, you have access to all results and laboratory reports wherever and whenever. You can also view the sample information forms, IR spectra and diagrams for every sample. You can organise your data individually, print it, save it and export it to your own databases.

Save valuable time

Inputting data on aggregate samples,which have already been looked at, can be conveniently done online. The status of current samples can be checked online.

Individual and completely secure access

Our firewall ensures that your laboratory reports and sample data can be only be viewed by you and the authorised persons you have chosen. On request you can receive your personal data from us free of charge. Your individual data is encrypted by online banking SSL and is thus protected. You can test all of these features as a visitor at If you have any further questions please call us on 08034-9047-215.

Individueller und absolut sicherer Zugriff

Unsere Firewall sorgt zuverlässig dafür, dass Ihre Laborberichte und Probendaten nur für Sie bzw. die von Ihnen autorisierten Personen einsehbar sind. Ihre persönlichen Zugangsdaten erhalten Sie von uns bei Anforderung kostenfrei. Ihre individuellen Daten werden wie beim Online-Banking SSL-verschlüsselt und gelten so als abgesichert.

Testen Sie alle Möglichkeiten als Gast unter Wenn Sie noch Fragen haben rufen Sie uns an: Tel. 08034-9047-215.


ÖlChecker Winter 2012, page 8