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+++ UPDATE on 10 June +++

Thanks to the tireless and extraordinary efforts of the OELCHECK team, we have achieved what we did not think possible last Tuesday:
We can analyse and diagnose almost all test methods for you again as usual and send you the results and laboratory reports via the various channels.
Since yesterday afternoon, our API interfaces, the LAB.REPORT customer portal and online sample entry via the OELCHECK app have also been up and running again.

Please bear with us if there are occasional slight delays in the delivery of laboratory reports and orders or in responding to enquiries.
Please refrain from making enquiries at the moment, as this slows down our catch-up process and we cannot bring forward individual processes.

We are doing everything we can to clear all backlogs as quickly as possible!

Thank you for your patience and trust. Together we can do it!

Important information: Business disruption due to flooding

+++ Status on 05. June ++++

Dear customers and business partners,

the extreme weather with heavy rainfall in the Rosenheim district caused major damage to OELCHECK.
Our cellars were flooded and the IT infrastructure was severely damaged.

In the meantime, we have been able to restore the server hardware, but the installation of the backup restores has not yet been completed.

We are available for you by phone and e-mail, but regular laboratory operations and the dispatch of orders are currently not possible.

However, we are working at full speed to prepare all processes and the samples submitted so far so that we can analyse and evaluate everything as quickly as possible as soon as the restore is complete and the servers are up and running again.
The ordered analysis kits will then also be sent to you.

It will still take some time before we can offer our service again in the usual quality.
We continue to ask for your patience and understanding in this difficult situation.

Your OELCHECK team

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OELCHECK is the leading laboratory for lubricant and operating fluid analyses in Europe.

The headquarters of the company are located in Brannenburg (Upper Bavaria, Germany). The company was founded in 1991 by Barbara and Peter Weismann under the name of WEARCHECK. In 2009, it was renamed to OELCHECK. OELCHECK is a 100% family-owned business and is therefore completely independent.

Lubricants ensure a trouble-free operation of vehicle and gas engines, wind power plants, construction machinery, aircraft, industrial plants and virtually all machines that deliver top performance every day. A clean, unmixed lubricant of high quality is imperative for an optimal and permanent performance of them. However, every lubricant deteriorates during its use. High operating temperatures and the contact with oxygen accelerate this process. Contaminations such as dust, water or wear particles as well was aggravated operating conditions also have a negative effect on the lubricant. OELCHECK helps with detecting these risks at an early stage. The lubricant itself provides information about its own condition as well as that of the machine.

By carrying out an analysis of lubricants, operating fluids or coolants with OELCHECK, the maintenance and change intervals can be adapted to the actual condition of the machines and oil fillings. OELCHECK is capable of analyzing lubricating greases, coolants and fuels. Furthermore, lubricants from gears, engines, hydraulics, transformers, turbines, compressors, heat transfer systems and refrigerators can also be analyzed by OELCHECK. Every analysis is precisely adapted to the component to be analyzed. The aim is: extending the operating time of the lubricant and the service life of the machines.