Information for our customers

The coronavirus is spreading further and further in Germany. Events are cancelled in series. Public life comes to a standstill more and more. We at OELCHECK GmbH are of course also called upon to limit the occurrence of infection and to prevent it to a large extent within the company. 

Our actions, which are valid since Monday March 16th, pursue two goals.

1. to protect the health of our employees
2. to keep our business running as long as possible without endangering our employees

We have divided all departments into two groups from Monday 16.03. These groups work on a time-shift basis and have no direct personal contact with each other.

In this way we want to achieve that in case of a positive Covid test of an employee not all employees would have to be quarantined and the company would be completely shut down. This way there is a chance that only one group of a department is affected. 
You as our customers naturally expect us to carry out your prepaid analyses, which you have integrated into your maintenance concept, in a timely manner. We are aware that we will not keep our promised turnaround time. However, we hope that you will show understanding for this - we would rather have the laboratory report delayed a little than not receiving any report at all over a longer period of time. At the same time, all external customer appointments and visits will be cancelled. If possible, a video conference is offered as an alternative. There are certainly also delays in the delivery of orders.

We try to cope with these challenges in the best possible way and trust in your understanding in this situation. 

Brannenburg, the 16.03.2020
Barbara and Paul Weismann

With a lubricant analysis, coolant analysis or oil analysis by OELCHECK, you can adapt the maintenance and oil change intervals to the current condition of your machinery. The energy and staff costs produced by maintenance and oil changes can be reduced with regular oil analysis und lubricant analysis.

You can check gear, engine, hydraulic, transformer, turbine, compressor and refrigerator oils, greases, coolants, fuels and others. Every oil analysis is specifically tailored to the needs of the component examined. Gear oil analyses and analyses for engine oils differ e.g. in the tests included.

For the easy shipment of your sample, we recommend the all-inclusive analysis kit.

Understand the condition of your systems and machinery inside out and use this knowledge to maximise the efficiency when using them. An oil analysis shows imminent damage to your machinery and helps you prevent it being written off. Furthermore, early detection of damage as a result of oil analysis helps you save on expensive repair costs.

With a regular oil analysis, you can plan maintenance and oil changes to ensure that your machinery is not idle for unnecessarily long periods of time. By permanently monitoring the condition of the oil and machinery, you can also prevent damage-related machine failure.

An oil analysis can be made for lubricants from wind energy plants, engines, gas engines, gears, oil circulation systems, hydraulics, transformers, compressors, heat transfer systems, refrigerators and others.

In comparison to repair, staff, fresh oil and energy costs incurred as a result of used oil which is monitored poorly or not at all, the costs of an OELCHECK all-inclusive analysis kit are low. The knowledge and safety you also gain as a consequence are priceless.

With oil analyses by OELCHECK you receive the analysis kit specifically tailored for your component. You always get the right test scope for your gears, engines, hydraulics, or oil circulation systems. Besides the oil analysis with diagnosis, every kit contains a sample bottle, a Sample Information Form, and an envelope.

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With lubricant and oil analyses, the longer periods between oil changes reduce the amount of waste oil you produce, reducing harm to the environment. They extend the service life of your machinery and its components and make more effective use of your resources.

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Oil analysis by OELCHECK

Oil can talk – we understand the message

Oil can be found in wind turbines, construction machinery, industrial facilities, lorries, aircraft and a wide range of engines – many machines which produce maximum output every single day. A high-quality, pure lubricant is essential for optimum, lasting performance. However, oil is constantly changing as a result of external factors. It becomes contaminated by dust, water and wear particles. High operating temperatures and contact with oxygen cause it to age. Moreover, many firms rely on extending oil change intervals to cut costs. The consequences of this are fatal: oil-related damage leads to machine failure. OELCHECK helps to detect these risks early. The oil itself can tell you a lot about its own condition, as well as that of the machine. OELCHECK is able to understand this message.