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OELCHECK is the leading laboratory for lubricant and operating fluid analyses in Europe.

The headquarters of the company are located in Brannenburg (Upper Bavaria, Germany). The company was founded in 1991 by Barbara and Peter Weismann under the name of WEARCHECK. In 2009, it was renamed to OELCHECK. OELCHECK is a 100% family-owned business and is therefore completely independent.

Lubricants ensure a trouble-free operation of vehicle and gas engines, wind power plants, construction machinery, aircraft, industrial plants and virtually all machines that deliver top performance every day. A clean, unmixed lubricant of high quality is imperative for an optimal and permanent performance of them. However, every lubricant deteriorates during its use. High operating temperatures and the contact with oxygen accelerate this process. Contaminations such as dust, water or wear particles as well was aggravated operating conditions also have a negative effect on the lubricant. OELCHECK helps with detecting these risks at an early stage. The lubricant itself provides information about its own condition as well as that of the machine.

By carrying out an analysis of lubricants, operating fluids or coolants with OELCHECK, the maintenance and change intervals can be adapted to the actual condition of the machines and oil fillings. OELCHECK is capable of analyzing lubricating greases, coolants and fuels. Furthermore, lubricants from gears, engines, hydraulics, transformers, turbines, compressors, heat transfer systems and refrigerators can also be analyzed by OELCHECK. Every analysis is precisely adapted to the component to be analyzed. The aim is: extending the operating time of the lubricant and the service life of the machines.