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Analysis kits and test methods at a glance

Our product catalog is here! It provides you with a compact overview of our product range. So you will find exactly the right all-inclusive analysis kit for your needs
No matter whether you want to analyze the engine oil of a truck or the grease from your wind turbine. Customized OELCHECK all-inclusive analysis kits are available for every application, lubricant type or operating material and question. 

In our product catalog, the respective test compositions of each of our all-inclusive analysis kits are clearly presented and easy to understand. 

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Content of the catalog

With the help of analytics, we make lubricants and operating fluids speak for themselves. Our product catalog gives you a general overview of our analysis kits and the wide range of our test methods.
These contents await you in the catalog:


  • Get to know our digital world

  • Benefits of the all-inclusive analysis kit

  • Always the right kit for your needs

  • Analysis scopes 

  • Additional tests

  • The laboratory report

  • Traffic light system

  • Accessories

  • The OilDoc Academy