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Condition-based oil changes. Save money and protect the environment

Protecting the climate and saving energy and resources are topics that are right on trend. Almost every company is working hard to reduce its carbon footprint. Meanwhile, returning a profit is becoming increasingly difficult, with manufacturing costs having only gone up in recent months. Savings are on everyone’s agenda wherever possible, and all operational processes are being put in the spotlight. However, too little attention is often paid to lubricants. Even if higher-quality premium lubricants are used for the first time, they are often replaced far too early due to the fact that they have always been changed at fixed intervals or because it has been stipulated by the oil supplier.


When monitored using OELCHECK all-inclusive analysis kits, however, lubricants can be changed based on their actual condition. At the same time, the systems’ operational safety is ensured as the analyses also detect contaminants and any wear processes. This means the cost-effective analyses pay for themselves in short time.

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