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Digitalisation and lubricant analysis – A perfect combination

Publication year: 2023

More and more knowledge is being stored digitally. We have stored the results of approx. 5 million tested lubricant and fuel samples in the large OELCHECK database alone and thus have access to approx. 190 million individual values. And more are being added all the time. Every day we receive, process and send an enormous amount of data. Digitalisation has been part of our workflow for some time already. This is the only way we can manage the flood of data and provide our customers with a host of smart service tools for data exchange, such as the OELCHECK app 4.0, the LAB.REPORT customer portal, FTP server or API interfaces.

Powerful IT systems do the rest. Various software systems prepare the analysis data for the OELCHECK tribologists and ultimately for the customers in order to make use of the flood of data, to make correlations clear and to be able to make statements. Our lubricant and service product analyses have contributed to the sustainable operation of companies for over 30 years by determining condition-dependent oil changes and evaluating trend analyses. But in the age of digitalisation, lubricant analytics can make an even more efficient contribution to maintenance and servicing.

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