Every drop of oil counts

OELCHECK's lubricant analyses allow oil or grease to be used for longer, as oil changes or relubrication is only performed when they are absolutely necessary. As a result, we contribute to ensuring that less waste oil is produced. This is because every drop of oil that can still be used is valuable. The lubricant contributes more in machinery and facilities than another substance could. This is why it is important to use lubricating and hydraulic oils or greases until they are no longer able to lubricate or cool moving parts for their intended purpose. You can find out whether you have to change your used oil or relubricate less from OELCHECK.

Everything oils and greases can do

  • Reduce friction
  • Minimise wear
  • Dissipate high temperatures
  • Transfer forces
  • Remove wear particles
  • Neutralise foreign particles
  • Protect against corrosion
  • Seal lubricating points
  • Act as a structural element



tons of waste oil were collected in Germany in 2014.

Use machinery for longer

The all-inclusive analysis kits tell you everything you need to know about the condition of your machinery. You can achieve sustainable use of available resources if you observe the condition of the moving parts in your machine or facility using lubricant or operating fluid analyses.

Early detection of wear allows you to avoid unplanned downtime and ensure your machinery runs at an efficient capacity. By avoiding lubricant-related breakdowns, you can ensure your machinery remains in use for longer and has to be replaced by new acquisitions less often.

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