Petrochemical industry

In the petrochemical industry, oil and lubricating grease analyses increase system availability and reduce maintenance costs.

In the petrochemical industry, lubricants can be find in refineries and chemical parks. There, in facilities such as compressors and turbines, they ensure that continually running processes never come to a halt.
Regular lubricant analyses, which uncover irregularities such as increased oxidation or impurities e.g. from the process gas used, contribute to this. Periods between oil changes are optimised, reducing costs.

In a refinery, if one component breaks down, an entire continually running process can come to a standstill. Accordingly, components are regularly monitored using oil analyses. This allows oil changes to be performed based on the condition of the oil and repairs to be integrated into the schedule as smoothly as possible.

In chemical parks, piston, screw and turbo compressors are used for gas compression. The oils used in the compressors should provide lubrication, protect against corrosion and cool - but that's not all. They also have to dissipate compression heat and, in many cases, be compatible with the gas to be compressed.

The hot air is very reactive and the warm oil oxidises more quickly. In refrigeration compressors, the oil and the coolant come into contact. There are also two temperature ranges (cold/hot) in which the oil must do its job. OELCHECK's analyses establish whether the lubricants being used can continue to reliably do their jobs. Oils in steam turbines used to produce energy should also be analysed regularly to avoid breakdowns. Lubricant analyses help to increase system availability and detect wear early.

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