Optimize your sample input with the OELCHECK app 4.0!

Sample entry

The free OELCHECK app 4.0 offers our customers the easiest way to enter their sample data. Customer-specific information as well as the details of the individual machines are stored once and are then always available. The customers simply add the data of the respective oil sample.

In addition to sample data entry with a QR code, the OELCHECK app 4.0 also offers the option of a direct machine search as well as the possibility of retrieving laboratory reports, sending photos with the sample and recording data in offline mode and transmitting it to OELCHECK only later.

Download the OELCHECK app 4.0 now free of charge for iOS and Android

compatible with iOS 13.0 above

compatible with Android version 5.0 above

Easy. Innovative. Fast. Digital.

Features in the login area

Direct machine search

Offline mode

Call up laboratory reports

Sample photos

You don't have any QR code(s) stickers for your machine(s) yet?

On request, we will send you your QR codes as practical, oil- and weather-resistant QR code sticker.

We would be happy to assist you with the implementation - call us at Tel. +49 (0) 8034-9047-250!