With the new OELCHECK-App, you always have your Sample Information Form to hand!

The OELCHECK-App heralds a new generation of sample data entry at OELCHECK. You can now use your smartphone or tablet to record data on your lubricant and oil samples anywhere. The app uses QR-Codes which access your machines' saved data. You are only adding the sample data – without pen and paper.

Record sample data in three easy steps

With the new OELCHECK-App, you can record your
lubricant and oil sample data in three easy steps: 

  1. Scan your machine's QR-Code and select your component. 
  2. Scan the barcode from your Sample Information Form. 
  3. Add your sample details, save and send automatically to OELCHECK.

Your benefits at a glance

Easy:Your machine is recognized directly.
Fast:You only need to add a few details.
Modern:Your data is entered via smartphone/tablet instead of pen and paper.
Efficient:You optimise your handling of the all-inclusive analysis kits.
Samples are always allocated to the right machine/component.
The transfer of handwritten data, which was liable to cause errors, is a thing of the past.



Before you can use the OELCHECK-App, you need

1. Free user account
Visit and click Create account.

2. QR-Code for your machine

  • Log in to
  • Select your machine from the list.
  • Click on the QR-Code symbol. You can now save and print your QR-Code.
  • Attach it to your machine.

Note: If you have yet to create a machine, select the Unit column above and click on Add new unit. Enter your machine's data.

3. An all-inclusive analysis kit
Order the right all-inclusive analysis kit for your area of use in our Onlineshop.
You can find handy sampling aids, such as the OELCHECK sampling pump, under accessory orders.

  • Once you have taken the sample, open the app and select Scan QR-Code.
  • Scan the QR-Code on your machine. If the scan is unsuccessful, you will receive an error message. Please try again.
  • Select the relevant components.
  • Now tap Scan lab number and scan the barcode on your Sample Information Form.
  • If the scan is unsuccessful, you can also type in the number. To do this, go to Enter lab number manually. The lab number can be found both at the bottom left and in the middle as well as at the top right of your Sample Information Form.
  • The machine data are already completed. You only add the sample data.
  • Confirm with Save & send. Your data will now be sent to OELCHECK.
  • Once it has been sent successfully, you can view it and the status of your sample at
  • Stick the barcode from the Sample Information Form to the sample bottle before you place it in the envelope.
  • Tick Sample data has been entered online on the top left of the Sample Information Form.
  • Detach your sample reference from the information form and add the machine data to the front for your records and the delivery date and UPS tracking number from the enclosed returns form to the reverse.
  • Then place the Sample Information Form in the outer layer of the envelope.

You can choose your delivery service provider. Returning the sample is free of charge within Germany with the enclosed UPS return delivery form.
Simply register your delivery online or by calling Tel. +49 (0)1806-882-663 for pick-up with the UPS Tracking No.

The sample is already on the way, but you would like to add details?

To do this, log in to You can make changes until the sample arrives at OELCHECK.

Would you like your QR-Code in your own design (e.g. with your company logo, as an aluminium sign etc.)
or would you like to directly equip all of your machinery with a code?

We are happy to help you make this a reality –
just give us a call on Tel. +49(0)8034-9047-250!

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