CO₂ Calculator for lubricants

Why use a CO₂ calculator?

With this CO₂ calculator, you can easily calculate how much CO₂ is generated during the production and disposal of the lubricant used in your system or machine.
You can reduce the amount of CO₂ released if you only change your lubricant when it is really necessary.
OELCHECK lubricant analyses help you to determine the optimum time for your oil change and thus significantly reduce your CO₂ footprint!

How much CO₂ will I save by extending my oil change intervals?

CO₂ factor 3,8 kg/l*

0 kg

CO₂ savings potential

* The calculation factor of 3.8 given for used oil is made up of 1.22 kg CO₂ for the fresh oil and its production and transportation + 2.58 kg CO₂ for the disposal and recycling of the used oil and assumes an extension of the oil change interval by 100 %.

The actual CO₂ savings potential is likely to be much higher than the above factors suggest. Longer oil change intervals (backed up by trend analyses) make a significant contribution to reducing your company's CO₂ footprint!