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OELCHECK is the leading laboratory for lubricant and operating fluid analyses in Europe. Customers from every industry appreciate OELCHECK's reliability and skill. In modern maintenance and upkeep, OELCHECK analyses are indispensable.


In 1991, Barbara and Peter Weismann founded the company in Brannenburg under the name WEARCHECK. It was renamed OELCHECK in 2009. The company is still a 100% family-run business today and is therefore completely independent.



In our Laboratory for oil analysis, coolant analysis, grease analysis and fuel analysis in Brannenburg, we rely constantly on innovative oil analysis equipment, the latest software and diligent, experienced staff. These allow us to supply a report with a meaningful diagnosis within 24 hours for every sample analysed. Only a perfect interplay between people and equipment and consistent integration into an in-depth quality management system can create structures and processes for the future-forward development of our company.


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"When we founded our company, our aim of a business focused on oil analyses was just a vision. Sooner than expected, it became a real business. Since 1991, OELCHECK has been on a consistent course towards expansion. Yet we have had other visions and new ones have joined them. Together with our employees, we make these visions a reality and constantly offer our customers new services which they can benefit from directly."

Barbara Weismann
Managing Director


Our database currently includes more than 4 million lubricant and operating fluid samples. The oil, lubricant, fuel and coolant samples come from every industry, such as wind turbines, construction and agricultural machinery, gas, diesel and petrol engines, hydraulics, industrial transmissions, oil circulation systems, turbines, compressors, power station facilities and transformers. On average, we receive up to 2,000 further samples every single day.



customers have had their samples analysed over 30 years.

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