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My car, my boat, my oil analysis

People love their cars the way they love their children. So it is not a surprise that noticeable changes to the engine oil can cause the owner some concern. Is it a question of the oil ageing processes expected for the mileage? Is there some as yet undiscovered damage or unusual wear to the vehicle? An oil analysis clarifies matters and indicates whether any repairs are necessary or an oil change is required.

Oil analyses also for private end users

An oil analysis with good comments from the independent OELCHECK lab can provide decisive proof of the good condition of an engine in a used vehicle, boat or aircraft when selling or buying. As well as engine oils, gear or servohydraulic oils and brake and coolant fluids from the remainder of a private vehicle fleet, such as mopeds, tractors, boats, vintage or classic cars can be investigated. Private end users, like business customers, can use the cost-efficient all-inclusive analysis kits from OELCHECK to stay informed about the machine and oil condition.

Today's lubricants, which contain high levels of additives, are mostly not suitable for vintage cars. They require unalloyed or very slightly alloyed lubricants. Fans of classic cars know the importance of regular oil analyses. This is because damage can be detected early before an expensive part has to be replaced. And oil changes are performed when they are necessary.

OELCHECK's oil analyses are the perfect complement to other supervision methods for piston engines in sport aircraft. The subsequent comments from the experienced tribologist on the lab report indicate whether a change in oil type, reduction of oil change intervals or even a visit to the nearest garage for necessary repairs is required.

When buying a used motorboat, an analysis of engine oil may reveal metal abrasion or water in oil, signs of damage. Trend analyses allow changes to be detected early and forthcoming damage to be prevented.