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The OELCHECK laboratory for lubricant and fuel analyses

The best analysis results from Germany

OELCHECK has a laboratory in Brannenburg, Germany. Diagnostics for all samples is performed exclusively by our experienced tribologists in Germany. All analysis values determined are stored in a database in Brannenburg. For every sample we receive in the all-inclusive analysis kit, we create lab reports in German, English, Chinese or one of a number of other languages by the end of the following working day.

Up to


values are determined per sample.

Enter data online

Our customer portal LAB.REPORT and the OELCHECK App 4.0 are available to all customers worldwide.

In the customer portal, information on the sample can be entered or analysis data can be accessed. The easiest way to enter the sample is using the App.

Lubricant analyses in Brannenburg

Lubricants (oils and greases), operating fluids (diesel and heating oil) and coolants have been analysed and diagnosed in our Brannenburg lab since 1991. The lab is equipped with the latest analysis devices, sometimes in duplicate. The analysis values are stored in the shared database using an internal company LIMS (lab information and management system). There is also data for over 10,000 fresh oils and greases which can be compared to the lubricants used for a clearer assessment. In the last 25 years, analysis values for over 4 million samples have been stored in the database.

Up to


samples are analysed daily.



of the latest analysis devices are used for you.