OELCHECK sampling pump

The easiest way to take oil samples is to use the OELCHECK sampling pump. It is optimised for use with the sample bottles from our all-inclusive analysis kits. You can use this vacuum pump and the tube supplied to draw the highly viscous oil directly into the screwed-on OELCHECK sample bottle.

The pump stays clean and can be re-used as often as you like. Only the tube is disposed of as oil-polluted waste. A new tube must be used each time a sample is taken.

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OELCHECK metal sampling pump

Our range also includes a metal sampling pump for specific requirements. This is also optimised for use with our OELCHECK sample bottles and is supplied with an appropriate tube. This metal sampling pump can also be used as often as you like.

It is more robust than our classic sampling pump and boasts a quality design.


  • Clean the sampling point to avoid impurities.
  • Use the blade to shorten the length of the tube in such a way that it corresponds to the distance from the oil surface to the pump (e.g. dipstick length plus 20 cm).
  • Ensure that the tube is neither too long nor too short, as this may affect the sampling process.
  • Pull the tube straight or fix it using an item such as cable ties to a support (e.g. oil dipstick).

Note: If the screw connection is tightened and the sample bottle is screwed on, but no vacuum is created, the small valve ball is likely to be missing. This may have become lost when the pump was opened during cleaning on a previous occasion. Another reason may be a very forceful tightening of the thumbscrew, which serves to fix the hose.

  • Once you have loosened the pump screw connection, push the tube through the opening. Allow the end of the tube to protrude approx. 1 cm beyond the thread, so that no oil enters the pump and the oil can drop into the bottle unimpeded.
  • Secure the system by tightening the screw connection. Then, remove the sample bottle from the protective film and screw it onto the pump thread.
  • Push the free end of the tube through the dipstick or filling opening and into the oil.
  • Ensure that it does not touch the base of the tank or sump.
  • Pump the oil evenly into the sample bottle using three full strokes of the pump.
  • The vacuum created by three strokes of the pump should be sufficient to fill the bottle up to the 80 ml mark. 
  • Then wait. Keep the bottle upright, and the pump level.
  • Eliminate the vacuum by loosening the screw connection as soon as the sample bottle is filled up to the mark – 1 cm below the edge.
  • Remove the tube, wipe it with a cloth and dispose of it properly as oil-contaminated waste.
  • Unscrew the sample bottle.
  • Remove the lid from the protective wrapping. Secure the bottle tightly with the lid to ensure it is leakproof.
  • Label the sample bottle with the lab number from the Sample Information Form.
  • Complete the Sample Information Form or enter the sample details at LAB.REPORT. 
  • Place the sample and the Sample Information Form in the leakproof plastic envelope and send your sample.

OELCHECK sampling case

With the new and high-quality OELCHECK sample case your sample taking will be even more professional and comfortable. With the case you will have everything you need for sample taking with you.

The interior of the case is specially adapted to the equipment it contains. The robust sample case ensures long-term use.


  • Aluminum sample case (44x32.5x16)
  • Sample pump metal
  • 3x3 m sampling tube (6x4x1)
  • Grease sampling kit
  • Rinsing vessel
  • Knives
  • Cloths
  • Ballpoint pen

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