Antioxidants (ISO)

OELCHECK test equipment: Perkin Elmer Spectrum 400 MIR-NIR Infrarot Spektrokopie
Sample quantity: ca. 2 ml
Unit: %
Test result: antioxidant content
Result range: 0.01 - 0.5 %
Analysis for: insulating oils
Brief description:

The FT-Infrared-Spectroscopy measures the absorption of infrared radiation through molecular vibrations. The wave number at which the absorption is detected varies dependent on the kind of vibration and molecule. The characteristic bands for the OH group in phenolic antioxidants lies at a wave number of 3650 cm-1.

By using a measuring cell with 1 mm thickness, these bands can be measured with a sufficient intensity for a quantitative determination.

Statement: On the basis of a comparison with the fresh oil and the oil operating time the remaining resistance against oil aging can be estimated. Therefore, it can be an important parameter for the appraisal of the further lifetime of the oil. According to DIN EN 60422 the test belongs to the recommended tests for used, inhibited insulating oils.
Underlying test standard: DIN EN 60666