Bacterial contamination coolant

OELCHECK test instrument: Incubator INCU-Line®, IL 10
Dip slides: TSA with TTC and Bengal red agar, for bacteria and fungi
Sample quantity: approx. 50 ml
Unit: CFU/ml (Colony forming units/ml)
Test result: Bacteria or fungal contamination in coolants
Analysis for: Glycol-free coolants
Brief description: Coolants from stationary applications without the risk of freezing often contain no glycol. Therefore, they can become infested with bacteria and/or fungi in the course of their operation time. In order to detect such an infestation, test strips with applied culture medium are immersed in the coolant, sealed airtight and then incubated at 30°C. After 24 h or 48 h, the test strip is visually inspected for growth of bacteria or fungi and evaluated.
Underlying test standard: OELCHECK test method 017