BN – accredited

OELCHECK test instrument: Mettler titrator DL 53 
Sample volume: 30 ml
Unit: mgKOH/g
Test result: TBN (Total Base Number)
Result range:

New oils and additive concentrates:    5 – 45 mg KOH/g

Used oils:                                                  3 – 30 mg KOH/g
Analysis for: Engine oils and some refrigerator oils
Brief description: The BN is determined by titration. In that process, a titrant (perchloric acid) is added to an oil-solvent mixture until it is “neutral“. This is detected potentiometric and shown by an inflection point in the titration curve. Using titrant up to this inflection point, the BN can be calculated in mgKOH/g.
Underlying test standards: DIN 51639-1