Brugger test

OELCHECK test instrument: Brugger test device for testing lubricants in areas with mixed friction
Sample quantity: approx. 40 ml
Unit: N/mm²
Result range: 10 - 999 N/mm²
Analysis for: lubricants
Brief description: The rotating test ring produces wear surfaces of different sizes on the fixed test cylinder, depending on the lubricant properties. The wear surface is in the shape of an ellipse. The principal axes of the ellipse are measured using a magnifier. The projection surface of the wear surface is calculated based on this. The combined pressing strength and projected wear surface quotient gives the resilience of the lubricant according to Brugger B (N/mm2).

The Brugger test process provides what is currently the only basis for deciding on the right lubricant with regard to lubricant resilience.

A significant number of measurements has shown that the results have good reproducibility. Deviations from the measured values are ± 10%.

Underlying test standard: DIN 51347