CCS viscosity

Test instrument: Cold Cranking Simulator
Sample quantity: 100 ml
Unit: mPa*s
Analysis for: engine oils
Brief description:

The CCS viscometer is a special rotational viscometer for the determination of the low temperature viscosity of engine oils.

The CCS contains a temperature-controlled test chamber. The sample is pumped into the test chamber via a vacuum pump. There it is cooled down to the required temperature. Via a stator, which is operated with a constant force, the resistance of the stator in the sample at the test temperature is converted into the viscosity in mPa · s. The viscosity of the stator is then measured at the test temperature.

Statement: For the determination of the low temperature viscosity of engine oils, the measurement in the capillary viscometer is not possible. The SAE J 300, which describes the viscosity classes of engine oils, specifies the measurement in the CCS (Cold Cranking Simulator) for the determination of viscosity at low temperatures. The measuring temperature is dependent on the viscosity class to be determined and lies between -35 °C and -5 °C.
Underlying test standard: ASTM D5293