Cloud point

OELCHECK test instrument: ISL MPP 5Gs pour point and cloud point machine
Sample quantity: 1 ml
Unit: °C
Test result: cloud point 
Analysis for: diesel fuels, biodiesel, low temperature oils
Brief description: The cloud point indicates the temperature at which a pure, liquid mineral oil product, under established conditions, becomes murky or cloudy as a result of the elimination of paraffin crystals.
Statement: At low external temperatures, the oil can "set" and become unable to provide lubrication. For heating oil and fuel, the cloud point provides information on the product's suitability for low temperatures. The cloud point is influenced by the formation of paraffin crystals, which depend on the origin of the base oil and degree of deparaffinisation.
Underlying test standard: ASTM D 7689
Comparable methods: ASTM D 2500: different means of detection to determine the cloud point, but comparable results in accordance with ASTM D 7689
DIN EN 23015