Colour index (ASTM)

OELCHECK test instrument: WaveCheck 300
Sample quantity: approx. 40 ml
Unit: none
Test result: colour index 
Analysis for: all oils
Brief description:

The colour index measuring device was developed specifically to determine oil colour index. The sample bottle is placed in the WaveCheck as supplied.

After approx. 5 seconds, the colour index is revealed and can be entered in the database. The blank value of the empty plastic bottle is taken into account. The colour index is gradually and precisely determined in increments of 0.5 repeatedly.


The change in the colour of oil can provide important information on ageing and oxidation or any impurities present in an oil. Or put simply: if the colour of a sample deviates from the previous one on the trend curve, the oil may have been filled wrongly or overheating may have occurred.

Underlying test standard: DIN ISO 2049, ASTM D1500