Conductivity, coolants

OELCHECK test equipment: Mettler-Toledo S230 Conductivity Meter
Sample quantity: 25 ml
Unit: µS/cm
Test result: electric conductivity
Result range: 0,001 µS/cm - 1000 mS/cm
Analysis for: coolants
Brief description: The electric conductivity is measured with an especially suitable electrode. It describes the ability of a solution to conduct electricity. It is a sum parameter for dissolved and dissociated substances like salts. The higher the electric conductivity, the higher the proportion of dissolved salts in the coolant.

The conductivity is a decisive parameter for non-inhibited coolant systems in conjunction with the pH value and the oxygen content (O2 only measurable on-site) to evaluate the corrosion tendency.

For inhibited coolants, the conductivity plays a minor role, since inhibitors from the surface of the material stop the corrosion. However, a change can be a hint on mixture or additive decomposition.

Underlying test standard: OELCHECK test method OPM 109