OELCHECK test instrument: emcee model 1153
Sample quantity: 70 ml
Unit: pS/m or pS/cm
Test result: conductivity of lubricants
Result range: 1-2000 pS/m or 1-2000 pS/cm
Analysis for: fresh oils and used lubricants at quantities of over 1,000 liters
Brief description:

In order to be able to prevent any damage from electrostatic discharges, it is not only the conductivity of fresh oils that needs to be known. For old lubricants, in the case of fill-up quantities of over 1,000 liters, the parameter is also particularly important if nothing is known about the used oil or a burning smell or soot particles are noticeable.

Therefore, OELCHECK offers conductivity measurements at room temperature as an additional test. The process has been tested over several years and is conducted in line with ASTM D2624.

Statement: If conductivity at 20 °C is more than 400 pS/m, there is hardly any risk of any damage to the oil or the system from electrostatic charges. However, if the value is lower, there is a very real possibility that the phenomenon could occur. If an oil with an increased ESD risk is being used, earthing the entire system is not a credible countermeasure. The voltage inside the system cannot be discharged through an earth wire. However, there are several other optimisation approaches for active prevention.
Underlying test standard: DIN 51412-2, ASTM D2624