Corrosion protection (steel)

OELCHECK test instrument: Petrotest apparatus for testing the anti-corrosive properties of oils
Sample quantity: 300 ml
Unit: none (test passed/failed)
Test result: rust-preventing characteristics in the presence of water
Analysis for: lubricants from turbines
Brief description:

A polished steel rod is dipped in a 60 °C oil bath with a water content of 10% for 24 hours. Steel rod corrosion is then visually inspected. 

There are two procedures used to investigate steel corrosion. They differ in the type of water used:

Procedure A: distilled water
Procedure B: synthetic seawater

Statement: The investigation allows conclusions to be drawn on the extent of erosion on steel surfaces in the presence of water. If both test objects are free of rust, the test is deemed to have been passed. It can be assumed that corrosion is not affecting the components. If both test objects have rusted, it can be assumed corrosion affects the components even during practical use of the oil in the presence of water or steam. The test is deemed to have been failed.
Underlying test standard: DIN ISO 7120, ASTM D665