OELCHECK test instrument: Density Measuring Instrument Mettler-Toledo DM40
Sample quantity: 25 ml
Unit: kg/m³
Test result:

density at 20 °C

Analysis for:


Brief description: The sample fluid is drawn into a tempered U-tube to determine its density. After filling, oscillation is initiated. The change in the oscillation frequency of the empty and filled U-tube, which is proportional to the density, can be used to calculate the density based on temperature. The density is measured at a temperature of 20 °C as standard.

The density is a fundamental physical quantity which is used for the characterization of a coolant in combination with other values like the refractive index.

When uncertainties occur concerning the calculation of the ethylenglycol concentration with the refractive index the density can be used to verify the calculated concentration.

Underlying test standard: ASTM D5931