OELCHECK test instrument: Anton Paar density meter DMA 4501 and sample changer
Sample volume: 20 ml
Unit: kg/m³
Test result: density
Result range: 700-1100 Kg/m3
Analysis for: bio oils, coolants, fuels and for oils whose viscosity is converted from dynamic to kinematic
Brief description:

The liquid sample is aspirated into a temperature-controlled U-tube to determine the density. After filling, an oscillation is excited. The density can be calculated via the change in the vibration frequency of the empty and filled U-tube, which is proportional to the density.

The density is measured at a temperature of 15 °C as standard. Deviating temperatures between 10 °C and 100 °C are possible.

Underlying test standard: DIN EN ISO 12185, DIN 51757