OELCHECK test instrument: Filtration apparatus
Sample quantity: 1.000 ml
Unit: dimensionless
Test result: filterability (level I, FI and level II, FII)
Result range: 0 - 100
Analysis for: hydraulic oils up to ISO VG 100
Brief description:

The hydraulic oil is filtered off at a precisely defined pressure through a dried 0.8 µm membrane. The time and filtration volume are recorded. The test is ended after the filtration of 300 ml of oil, but at the latest after 2 hours.

The level I filterability value is calculated based on the actual filtration time for 240 ml of oil and the filtration time for the same volume of oil without membrane blockage.

The level II filterability value is calculated from the passage rates at the beginning and the end of the test.

The test is deemed "passed" for results over 50. The closer the result is to 100, the more easily filterable the oil. For results under 50, the oil is deemed "unfilterable".


In the case of level I filterability, no issues should be expected during use, unless an extremely fine filter is being used for oil filtration.

With good level II filterability, no filtration problems should be expected, even under extreme conditions or when using filters with pore sizes below 5 µm.

Underlying test standard: DIN ISO 13357-2
Alternative methods: ASTM D7752: tests the compatibility of oils and uses DIN ISO 13357-1 as a criterion for this