Flash point

OELCHECK test instrument: Setaflash test device according to Pensky Martens (closed pot)
Cleveland Automatic NCL 440
Grabner mini flash with sample changer
Sample quantity: flash point, open: 100 ml
flash point, closed: 30 ml
Unit: °C
Test result: flash point
Result range: flash point, open: 79 - 400°C
flash point, closed: 30 - 300°C
Analysis for: heat transfer oils, engine oils, fuels
Brief description: The flash point is the temperature at which so much highly flammable steam develops in a pot from the liquid to be tested that it could be momentarily ignited by an external ignition. Measurement methods and devices vary depending on oil type and the expected flash point.
Statement: The flash point of engine oils decreases when fuel enters. This is the key criterion for the flammability of combustible liquids. The breakdown of combustible liquids into various hazard classes is based on the flash point.
Underlying test standard:

flash point, open:

flash point, closed:
DIN EN ISO 2719, DIN EN ISO 3679, ASTM D93, ASTM D3278, ASTM D7236, ASTM D6450