Flender foam test

OELCHECK test instrument: Flender foam test device
Sample quantity: 1.5 liters
Unit: %
Test result: increase in volume due to dispersion of air in oil and foam formation
Analysis for: gear oils
Brief description:

The oil to be tested is filled up. The spur gear with its half-size side dipping into the oil rotates at a speed of 1,450 min-1 and introduces air to the oil over a period of 5 minutes. The subsequent volume increase is measured in per cent after the spur gears switch off.

The percentage changes in the oil phase, the dispersion of air in oil and the foam volume are then recorded at regular intervals for a period of 90 minutes.

Statement: Practical testing of the foam behaviour of lubricating oils. Increased foaming has a negative impact on the resilience of lubricating oils in gearing and bearings.
Underlying test standard: ISO 12152