Micropitting Short Test

Test instrument: External laboratory
Sample quantity: min. 5 l (optimal 10 l)
Unit: Ra [µm]; SKS (GFKT): Dimensionless
Determined values: Damage force level in case of occurrence of micropitting, tooth flank roughness Ra
Analysis for: Oils
Brief description: The FZG Micropitting Short Test provides a quantitative assessment of lubricant influence (especially additives), lubrication temperature and other parameters on the occurrence of micropitting. 

The FZG Micropitting Short Test is suitable for distinguishing between lubricants with regard to their micropitting load capacity and thus allows the selection of a lubricant with sufficient load capacity. The effect of additives on micropitting load carrying capacity depends on the lubricant temperature. Typically, the test is performed at a temperature of 90 °C.
The FZG micropitting short test classifies tested lubricants into load carrying capacity classes. The test is a screening method to compare several lubricant candidates. 

Underlying test standard: Home method