i-pH value

OELCHECK test instrument: Metrohm 855 Robotic Titrosampler, Mettler Toledo Excellence Titrator T7, Mettler Toledo Excellence Titrator T90
Sample quantity: 8 ml
Unit: none
Test result: i-pH
Result range: 0 - 14
Analysis for: Oils from gas engines which are run on biogas, biomethane or gases from regenerative sources
Brief description:

The "classic" pH value cannot be determined in oils. Accordingly, an electrochemical reaction is used for this purpose, with the help of a titrator. The oil sample is dissolved in a solvent mixture which contains small quantities of water.

The change in voltage in the titration electrode is converted after 5 minutes into an initial pH value (i-pH).

Statement: As the BN does not provide information on the neutralisation capacity of an oil for all kinds of acids which may enter the oil during operation of gas engines with landfill or sewage gases, the i-pH value provides crucial additional information regarding the strain of a used oil with corrosive acids.
Underlying test standard: ASTM D7946