Ion chromatography (IC)

OELCHECK test instrument: Integrion RFIC Thermo Fisher Scientific
Sample quantity: 1 ml
Unit: mg/L
Test result: amount of anions (fluoride, glycolate, chloride, bromide, nitrate, nitrite, sulphate, phosphate, acetate, formiate, adipate, oxalate)
Analysis for: coolants
Brief description: After the concentration with ultrapure water, the diluted coolant sample is flushed on a chromatographic separation column due to the ion chromatography. The anions stay on the separation column because of the ionic interactions. Depending on size and ionic charge, they retard with different degrease on the column which leads to separation. The ionic strength rises in the ultrapure water which is controlled with a gradient. This leads to the gradually elution of the ions from the column being detected by a conductivity detector.

Anions are partly contained in the basic water, which is mixed with the coolant concentrate. The determination of these anions with the ion chromatography can be used for an evaluation of the water quality.

Besides, anionic degradation products form under thermal and chemical stress of the glycol. These can be measured.
Underlying test standard: ASTM D5827