OELCHECK test instrument: External laboratory
Sample quantity: 5 ml
Unit: %
Test result: Decrease in phosphorus base AW/EP additives compared to fresh oil.
Analysis for:


Brief description: The concentration of the AW/EP additives is determined. In comparison to the fresh oil, a decrease/change compared to the additives in the original state can be detected. Thus, the degradation of the additives over the service life and the remaining serviceability of the oil can be assessed with regard to its AW/EP additives. 
Statement: NMR spectroscopy is the most powerful chemical analysis method. It can be used to elucidate complex molecular structures, making NMR the ideal complement to ICP-OES. Structural changes in phosphorus-based AW/EP additives can be tracked by comparison with virgin oil. These structural changes correlate directly to the effectiveness of the AW/EP additives. Thus, in addition to the concentration statement from ICP-OES, an availability statement of the AW/EP additives from NMR is also possible.
Underlying test standard: OELCHECK home method