Oil separation

OELCHECK test instrument: Cylindrical metal test container
Sample quantity: approx. 50 g
Unit: %
Test result: determining oil separation in lubricating greases in percentage by weight
Analysis for: all lubricating grease types, except fluid greases
Brief description:

The grease for investigation is poured uniformly into a cylindrical test device with a conical sieve at its base. The sample is weighed using a scale. The sample container is placed in an oil collection tank and a weight is placed on the surface of the sample in order to increase pressure on the sample.

After 18 hours (quick test) or 168 hours (standard test), the oil quantity removed in the collection tank at a test temperature of 40 °C is weighed. The result is given relative to the initial grease weight in % (m/m).

Statement: This procedure is used to determine oil separation in lubricating greases under static conditions. The result allows conclusions to be drawn on the tendency of the grease in question towards oil separation under storage conditions.
Underlying test standard: DIN 51817