PCB determination

Test instrument: gas chromatograph
Sample quantity: 50 ml
Unit: mg/kg
Analysis for: waste oil
Brief description:

In some cases, waste oils, especially from insulating fluids in transformers and capacitors and from hydraulic oils in mining, may contain PCB's (polychlorinated biephenyls). These are to be regarded as a health hazard.

The determination is carried out with a gas chromatograph. The PCBs are separated from the oil on the column and 6 characteristic congeners are detected with an ECD (halogen-specific detector). The sum of these compounds is given as the result.


6 selected congeners are determined by gas chromatography.

The results are indicated in the analysis report:
- according to DIN - as sum of the 6 measured values
- according to LAGA - as sum of the 6 measured values multiplied by 5

The 6 congeners are:
- PCB 28
- PCB 52
- PCB 101
- PCB 138
- PCB 153
- PCB 180

The limit value for PCBs according to paragraph 1 No. 3 of the PCB, PCT, VC Prohibition Ordinance is exceeded if the sum of the 6 PCBs according to DIN is greater than 11 mg/kg.

Underlying test standard: DIN EN 12766