pH value

OELCHECK test instrument: Mettler-Toledo pH/Ion bench meter SC S220-B
Sample quantity: 25 ml
Unit: none
Test result: pH value
Result range: 0-14
Analysis for: coolants
Brief description:

The pH value indicates the basic or acid character of a solution or rather is a measure for the strength of a basic or acid effect of a solution.

It is divided as follows:
pH < 7: acid
pH = 7: neutral
pH > 7: basic


The pH value is a fundamental value for aqueous medias. For coolants, it is essential for the corrosion tendency. The higher the pH value the more likely a coolant attacks an aluminum component.

Since different degradation products lower the pH value of a coolant, a decreasing value also indicates the end of a coolant's operating time.
Underlying test standard: ASTM D1287