Test instrument: scanning electron microscope
Sample quantity: 1 g
Analysis for: solid contaminants
Brief description:

With the scanning electron microscope, SEM images of the surfaces of solid particles can be taken with high magnification and depth of field.

EDX analysis is used to determine the material composition. An energy dispersive X-ray analysis enables the determination of the element composition on the surfaces imaged by SEM images. An element mapping is used to determine the distribution of the chemical elements over a surface, which allows differences in the element distribution to be identified and conclusions to be drawn, e.g. on material compositions.

Statement: In the case of some samples, especially in the clarification of cases of damage, the question of what the "visible impurities/particles" are, is always raised. Since the examination of particles that can be detected by the human eye can no longer be reliably examined using standard examinations (ICP/RDE), the REM-EDX examination offers reliable support in such special cases in determining material compositions and thus also the origin of particles.