Reserve alkalinity

OELCHECK test instrument: Mettler titrator DL 77
Sample quantity: 10 g
Unit: ml
Test result: consumption of alkaline additives
Result range: 0 - 20 ml
Analysis for: HFC fluids, coolants
Brief description: 10 g of the sample for investigation is diluted with water and titrated with hydrochloric acid to a pH of 5.5. The result will show the consumption of hydrochloric acid solution in ml.

Alkaline additives are used to neutralise impurities as well as to protect against corrosion in the hydraulics system.

If the reserve alkalinity determined is significantly lower than the fresh oil value, acidic impurities can no longer be neutralised. There is a risk of corrosion damage in the system.

Underlying test standard: ASTM D1121, OELCHECK test method OPM 010