Sample quantity: 5 ml
Result range: 0 - 100%
Unit: %
Test result: Content of active antioxidants compared to fresh or reference oil
Analysis for: all oils and greases under high strain which contain antioxidants, e.g. turbine oils, gear oils, compressor oils, gas engine oils, circulating lubricants and heat transfer oils
Brief description: During sample preparation, the antioxidants are separated from the oil by adding solvent and a substrate. According to the principle of voltage measurement, a current-time curve is measured. The position and area of the peaks indicates the type and amount of anti-ageing protection in the oil. In comparison with the new or rather reference oil, the remaining amount of antioxidants is determined by integrating the corresponding peak areas.
Statement: The amount of antioxidants which remain in the oil, by comparison with fresh oil, is the result given. As these components are constantly broken down while the oil is in operation, their remaining residual amount and the operating time of the oil can also indicate the remaining duration of use to be expected. Once all antioxidants are used up, significant oil oxidation begins to occur. The properties of the oil deteriorate drastically, and the fluid is no longer fit for purpose.
Underlying test standard: ASTM D6971, ASTM D7590, ASTM D6810, ASTM D7527