Shear viscosity with rotational viscometer

OELCHECK test instrument: Anton Paar rheometer Physica MCR 301 cone/plate measuring system
Sample quantity: approx. 1 - 5 grams
Unit: Pa·s
Test result: Shear viscosity
Analysis for: lubricating greases
Brief description:

The measuring system is filled with approximately 2 g of the homogenised and deaerated grease, adjusted and tempered.

In a standardised testing procedure, the (apparent) dynamic viscosity at a set shear rate is determined and the shear viscosity at the beginning and the end of the testing procedure and the shear viscosity decrease in percentage terms are displayed.


Based on the shear viscosity and its stability following shear stress, the rheological properties of a lubricating grease and its changes under shear load are diagnosed. This figure allows conclusions to be drawn on the grease's suitability for speeds.

Underlying test standard: DIN 51810-1