Total contamination

OELCHECK test instrument: Millipore filtering device, scales, exicator
Sample quantity: 300 ml
Unit: mg/kg
Test result: total contamination
Analysis for: middle distillate, diesel, biodiesel
Brief description:

The total contamination describes the quantitative determination of unsolved substances in middle distillates, diesel fuel and fatty acid methyl ester (FAME). The sample is filtrated with a prior weighed filter and after washing and drying of the filter, it is weighed again.

The contamination is calculated as difference between the mass of the filter and is indicated relative to the sample mass in mg/kg.

Statement: The total contamination indicates all unsolved foreign substances in the fuel. The fuel standard limits this value to a maximum of 24 mg/kg.
Underlying test standard: DIN EN 12662
Comparable methods: ASTM D4055