WAV, steam

OELCHECK test instrument: Petrotest WAV measuring device
Sample quantity: 100 ml
Unit: s (seconds)
Test result: WAV
Result range: 0 - 1,800 s
Analysis for: water turbine oils
Brief description: Steam is run through the oil at 65 °C for 20 minutes. The amount of steam is measured based on the condensation produced in the oil. After the steam has been introduced, the separation of the water from the oil caused by the decrease in the boundary layer between the oil and water is observed. The time taken until separation is indicated.

Water separation indicates how quickly oil separates from dispersed water. The WAV deteriorates as a result of mixing, impurities and oxidation.

In steam turbine oils and circulating oils from paper machinery or heated calenders, water which may enter the oil as a result of leaking in the heating system, for example, must be removed from the oil by separators quickly.

Underlying test standard: DIN 51589