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ADDINOL gas engine oils are state of the art. Developed in cooperation with leading additive and engine manufacturers, they are tailored to meet the numerous complex requirements of gas engines The use of the gas engine oils produced in Leuna is supported by a unique analysis service in which OELCHECK has a key role.

From natural gas to special gas operation, the German company has the right engine oil for every area of application and all operating conditions. These oils have been approved by leading international engine manufacturers. The engine oils are subject to extremely high demands, above all when it comes to lubricating gas engines, which are run using biogas or gases from landfill, mine pits or wastewater treatment plants. ADDINOL was one of the first lubricant manufacturers to realise that it could only overcome these demands by using specially designed gas engine oils. ADDINOL continues to play a pioneering role in this industry today. ADDINOL Eco Gas 4000 XD, for example, is a low-ash gas engine oil designed by the company to already meet future emission regulations set to become ever-more stringent.

R&D as a core area of expertise

For many years, ADDINOL has been working in close cooperation with leading OEMs on the development of its gas engine oils. This starts with carefully selecting the base oils and additives that are evaluated in the company‘s in-house laboratory. Before a new gas engine oil is approved for use in field tests by individual manufacturers, it is subject to a range of tests in the laboratory. The parameters of the manufacturers in conjunction with the extensive load tests differ in terms of duration, evaluation criteria and priorities. The required operational life varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and may last for up to 16,000 hours of operation. A practical, strictly monitored test phase comprising one or two engines is required to obtain an approval. At the end of every field test is the appraisal stage, during which the individual components are evaluated after the engines are dismantled.

OELCHECK lubricant analysis

Over the course of many years, ADDINOL has accumulated a wealth of field test experience along with more than a million key values from practical applications. These values are analysed by OELCHECK, which checks more than 250,000 key values per year. Regularly inspecting the condition of the oil is essential to ensure that the gas engine runs correctly. OELCHECK uses lubricant analyses to define key values, on the basis of which regular oil change intervals are determined within the limit values set by the manufacturer. The use of gas engine oils by ADDINOL is always accompanied by analyses of this kind. From the start, the company exclusively wanted OELCHECK for the analysis of the oils, as no other independent laboratory has the same specially developed test equipment, delivers results as quickly, or maintains a consistently high level of quality over such a long period of time. 

OELCHECK subjects every sample from a gas engine to a critical examination. It observes viscosity and increases in viscosity, as well as oxidation, nitration, wear elements and impurities. 

The acidification of the oil is subject to an extremely rigorous inspection. In particular, acidifying elements have to be absorbed and neutralised in oils from gas engines run on special gases. However, at a certain point even the capacity of ADDINOL gas engine oils is reached. It is critical to change the oil before the engine is corroded by these acidic components. The acid number (AN) indicates the degree of acidification. The base number (BN) provides data about the basic reserve that is still available and that is able to neutralise the acids. However, the base number does not show the neutralising capability of an oil for all acidic compounds, which can occur in the oil when running gas motors on special gases. This is why the i-pH value (initial pH value) is also always determined in these cases. This value provides key additional information about the impact of used gas engine oil with „free“ corrosive acids.

The expertise of ADDINOL

ADDINOL determines the optimum oil change intervals based on the results of the lubricant analysis. The effort and expenditure required on the part of the customer is extremely low, as ADDINOL provides them with the complete analysis kits. All the customer has to do is send their oil sample to the laboratory. After two working days at the latest, they receive a lab report from ADDINOL containing all key individual values and a specific recommendation on how many hours the oil may continue to remain in service until it needs to be changed or analysed once again. The report also remarks on the state of wear of the engine and any impurities caused by engine coolant or dust. The information provided by ADDINOL on how to use the oil in future is extremely accurate, as nobody knows the company‘s oils better than ADDINOL itself. ADDINOL combines the lab results recorded by OELCHECK with an in-house matrix, which is based on the engine manufacturer‘s limit values, key values from field tests, and data recorded by OELCHECK over the course of thousands of practical applications. The specific on-site operating conditions are also taken into consideration. This guarantees that the oil and the system are consistently monitored. The customer can schedule oil changes and maintenance work with pinpoint accuracy. In terms of service life recommendations, ADDINOL takes the limit values prescribed by the respective OEMs into close consideration, as overstepping the limit of even one of the values may endanger the warranty. ADDINOL‘s in-house evaluation matrix and the lubricant analyses from OELCHECK enable the various limit values to be correctly observed. Provided the laboratory report does not have any recommendations to the contrary, the operator does not have to do anything – except to send oil samples to OELCHECK at regular intervals and change the oil at the time specified by ADDINOL.

ADDINOL – Improving performance

ADDINOL is a fully independent company in the German mineral oil industry and is represented through a network of distribution partners in more than 90 countries around the world. ADDINOL high-performance lubricants are developed and produced according to the latest standards at the long-established chemical industry site in Leuna, Central Germany. The company, whose history goes back to 1936, provides intelligent solutions that ensure optimum lubrication while taking a responsible approach to protecting the environment. Many of the high-performance lubricants substantially increase the energy efficiency of systems and engines, frequently remain effective for much longer periods than conventional products, and increase the service life of the lubricated components.

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