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Schuler – World market leader in forming technology. The company based in Göppingen in Baden-Württemberg offers a wide range of modern production facilities, efficient tools and comprehensive process expertise. Schuler presses are used by the automobile industry and their suppliers, as well as in many other sectors worldwide. In 2007, Schuler took over Müller Weingarten AG and is today owned in majority by Austrian company Andritz AG.

Optimised productivity creates added value

When it comes to Schuler production facilities, the company is also the best partner for maintaining the machines throughout their entire service life. Because the machines must always be in top form. Productivity optimised by proactive maintenance creates added value and therefore means greater margins and increased return for the operators.  Regardless of where the machines are used, the same high level of service is offered around the globe.

Oil analysis is a compulsory part of the programme

In order to guarantee maximum production security, Schuler uses, among other things, OELCHECK lubricant analyses. Damage caused by poor oil quality is usually very expensive – and changing the oil in machines, often over 1,000 litres of it, entails significant costs. Regular oil analyses is the deciding factor for assessing further use of the oil. If the oil appears to be ageing at an unusually fast rate between sample intervals, Schuler can locate and remedy the causes quickly. If foreign substances or contaminants are found, their origin can be determined and filtering optimised accordingly.

The Schuler service experts have a comprehensive knowledge of the machines. OELCHECK also provides discussion and exchange of ideas on the topic of gear and hydraulic oils. You will therefore know exactly when oil analysis is necessary and be able to interpret the results according to the specific system at hand.

Tailor-made analysis for Schuler

For examining hydraulic fluids, gear oils and used grease, the analysis sets „standard“ and hydraulic „plus“, custom-made by OELCHECK and Schuler, are available as of now in the Schuler replacement parts programme. They can be obtained by operators directly from Schuler almost like a replacement part. Schuler service experts also use these sets during their on-site visits.
With the „standard“ analysis set, the presses‘ gears and hydraulic oil fillings are checked during routine inspections, for example those used in car body manufacturing in the automobile industry. The „plus“ set includes further examinations. The service experts use the „hydraulic plus“ set to investigate causes, for example if they discover an unusual black colouration to the oil, reduced air release properties, foaming or contamination of the system.

The questions included on the form which accompanies the samples are tailored to Schuler machines. The samples are examined at OELCHECK in Germany and China. Together with Schuler service experts, OELCHECK has calculated specific limit values, e.g. regarding purity for the hydraulic oils and their commentary.

Company-wide – advantages for customers

Schuler has already been using OELCHECK lubricant analyses for many years. With the introduction of the analysis sets specially tailored for Schuler, the company now offers its customers additional advantages:

  • analysis coverage for Schuler machines which is consistent across the entire company
  • consistent limit and warning values with rules for recommendations
  • easy processing with analysis sets as a Schuler replacement part
  • accurate and highly informative lab reports
  • quick and easy processing across the globe
  • access to OELCHECK analyses anywhere and at any time via the online portal and access to all associated advantages.

Looking at the bottom line, tailored Schuler lubricant analyses offer:

  • oil changes when they are actually necessary
  • early discovery of damages and deviations
  • higher production security
  • fewer unexpected downtimes
  • a significant reduction of costs

Schuler service means more productivity, efficiency and operational reliability – OELCHECK lubricant analyses contribute significantly to this

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