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FuG Elektronik GmbH with its high-precision low- and high-voltage power supply units is the world market leader in many areas. The first-rate high-tech products by the German company are the right solution when highly precise electricity supply is required. Power supply units by FuG are also an important component for medical radiation therapy devices, electron-beam welding devices, electron lasers and particle accelerators such as at CERN. Transformer oil analyses by OELCHECK contribute to the safe and fault-free operation of these systems.

Top references from A to Z

Hardly any other company can list as many internationally renowned companies, universities and institutes as references. From ABB to Carl Zeiss AG, the list of customers is impressive. Founded in 1978, the company has developed into a global player. FuG is a hidden champion, without equal in the industry. All FuG power supply units are developed at the location in Schechen near Rosenheim. All quality-relevant production steps are also performed there in order to fulfil the company's own high quality standards.

Special and standard devices

FuG manufactures many of the power supply units according to individual customer requirements. Moreover, the large program offers more than 600 models from 6.5 V to > 200 kV in many output ranges from 7 W to > 100 kW. Whether custom design or standard model, ready-for-connection parts are delivered all over the world. The service team in Schechen can be reached at any time via the hotline. Rare malfunctions of devices are rectified at the plant or by the service team on-site.

An exciting and electrified world

Wherever power supply units by FuG are used, their applications are electrifying in the truest sense of the word. Transformer oil analyses by OELCHECK ensure a long service life.
FuG power supply units are, for example, indispensable components of chamber systems for electron-beam welding. The output is determined by the acceleration voltage and the beam current. Electromagnetic systems in vacuo manipulate the electron beam, thereby creating clean and slim seams with a depth of up to 150 mm. Even aluminium-steel combinations are possible. The procedure is especially popular in the automotive and aviation industry due to low warpage, high productivity and maximum precision.

Particle accelerators are not only used for exploring matter such as at CERN, but also for medical radiation therapy. For example, electrons or protons are accelerated, bundled and guided. FuG power supply units provide acceleration voltage or electricity for magnets with several thousand amperes depending on the specific requirement as extreme precision is a necessity in these cases.

Usage of transformer oils

Among other things, power supply devices consist of transformers and high-voltage rectifiers. High-performance and high-voltage devices require transformer oils for these components. The devices reach the limits of what is physically possible as the oil is used over decades under various climatic conditions. The oil is to provide reliable insulation, heat dissipation, low-temperature and oxidation stability and compatibility with all other materials. As a dielectric medium (electrically non-conductive substance), it must also prevent electric flash-overs between live parts and extinguish electric arcs. The voltage up to which no spark discharge occurs under precisely defined conditions is defined as breakdown voltage. This voltage must be significantly higher than the nominal voltage of the transformer. The oil is delivered in drums that are overlaid with nitrogen since even traces of water can lower the dielectric strength. As an additional safety measure, FuG dries the oil again. Furthermore, the installation of drying cartridges provides another precautionary measure for deployment, which makes the intrusion of moisture in the form of condensation virtually impossible.

FuG recommends analyses by OELCHECK

For many years, FuG has used transformer oil analyses by OELCHECK. FuG also recommends regular analyses according to DIN specifications to all its customers since the analysis statements significantly contribute to fault-free and safe operation.
Most transformers are filled with 100 to 1,000 litres of transformer oil and work with a voltage from 150 to 200 kV. Based on the values determined by OELCHECK for the breakdown voltage, water content and viscosity, it is also determined whether a possible drying procedure or even an oil change must be performed.

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