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The OELCHECK-App passes the practical test at Availon

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They have tested it and found it to be a total success! None of the service technicians from Availon, the leading wind service provider, want to be without the new intelligent OELCHECK-App. Every service technician at Availon is now equipped with a smartphone on which the App is installed. The new App now makes it much easier to enter samples online right at the wind turbine. 

In March 2016, the new OELCHECK-App was ready for its first test run. Availon, known for its flexible services, has been using the OELCHECK customer portal for years and was the ideal partner for the practice test. Two service teams started using the App, and it was not long before we received the first positive responses as well as suggestions for optimisation. These suggestions were quickly implemented and, since June 2016, the App has become the constant, everyday companion of all the Availon service technicians.

Everything is so easy with the new App

In Germany alone, 1,200 of the wind farms that Availon manages are equipped with a special QR-Code. The codes can be easily generated in a user account at Printed on adhesive strips, the corresponding QR-Code was installed in the base of each tower as well as in the control cabinet in the wind turbine‘s nacelle. When a service technician inserts a new oil sample, he scans the QR-Code with his smartphone and selects the Appropriate system component. The App automatically recognises the system and components and performs all the subsequent steps. The technician just adds a few more details about the current sample and scans the barcode on the Sample Information Form. Finally, the App sends the data directly to OELCHECK. 

Fewer queries, fewer errors

More than half a year has passed since the App was first used, and the response from the Availon service technicians is still consistently positive.
The digital input of the Sample Information Form via the App eliminates illegibility, incorrect entry and even smeared notes which previously led to queries and errors. The OELCHECK-App makes the work of the field service technicians much easier.
They just fill in the Sample Information Form with their smartphone at the top of the wind turbine, which saves time. The technicians particularly Appreciate the automatic feedback they receive when the Sample Information Form has been received by OELCHECK.

One for all components - Availon uses the OELCHECK wind turbine kit

For nearly 10 years, Availon has been monitoring wind turbines at home and abroad with OELCHECK lubricant analyses. The analyses are the first indication for condition-based maintenance, as they provide crucial information on the condition of the respective lubricants and the monitored components. Additional activities, such as oil changes, frequency measurements or, if necessary, endoscopies, can be conducted based on this information.
Lubricant samples are regularly taken at six-month intervals. The Availon service technicians use the all-inclusive analysis kits for wind turbines. Irrespective of the particular turbine component, this type of kit can be used in accordance with the specific requirements of the oils and lubricants to be monitored. This means that the technicians are prepared for any circumstances and have less to lug with them when climbing up to dizzying heights. With the all-inclusive analysis kits, you can take lubricant samples from the main gearbox, the hydraulics, the main bearings, the blade bearings and, if necessary, even from a yaw drive or pitch drive.

Three building blocks that lead to success

Availon relies on three crucial components from the OELCHECK performance portfolio for the monitoring of the wind turbines:

  • The special all-inclusive analysis kit for wind turbines
    One type of kit for oil and grease samples from all of a turbine‘s components.
  • <link http:>
    The customer portal for online entry and management of all samples as well as the control of individual actions.
  • QR-Codes and the new OELCHECK-App
    Fill in the Sample Information Form with your smartphone. A perfect complement to the customer portal.

Always at the cutting edge of technology and digi­talisation, the service technicians at Availon use every option offered to them by OELCHECK. 

Availon, fleet service partner for wind turbines

Availon offers maintenance and optimisation modules for wind turbines at the highest level of technical and professional capabilities for a high level of technical availability and high yields over the entire life cycle of a turbine. Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Rheine (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany), Availon has additional subsidiaries and branches in Italy, Spain, Austria, Poland and the USA. With its inclusion in the Vestas family of companies in the spring of 2016, Availon has put itself at the top in the international wind service provider sector.

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